He'll Get Things Done

via Yamhill Valley News Register

Success in any field is greatly determined by the leadership of the organization and the culture that is formed.

As Linfield’s head football coach, I place a great deal of importance on this. And as a voter, the No. 1 thing I desire in a candidate is integrity.

Without integrity, there can be no sustained leadership and therefore no success. I have known Ron Noble for many years, and I have always found him to be a man of integrity and compassion.

His leadership and abilities have been proven and were demonstrated on a daily basis as McMinnville chief of police. Noble is a man I trust completely, and his track record of service and compassion makes him the optimal candidate for public office as state representative.

He is intelligent, but more importantly, he is wise. He understands what is important to creating a better community for all of us to enjoy: lower taxes, improved education and a government that truly works for the people.

He has the ability to create a positive culture in a field that is typically contentious. He is a high output but low ego man of character who will use common sense and wisdom to look out for the best interests of all Oregonians.

In an era when good men and woman seem hard to find in politics, Noble is an uncommon candidate. He shares the characteristics and common-sense values I look for in a candidate.

Joe Smith