Ron Noble playing volleyball with grandkids


When it comes to the issues important to everyday Oregonians, you’ll always know where I stand. I’ll stand up to partisan politics to provide strong leadership that represents our common-sense values in Congress.

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Jobs and Opportunity

Economic freedom is key to individuals pursuing their dream, creating jobs and starting small businesses. In Congress, Ron will:

  • Fight for lower taxes for Oregon families and small businesses
  • Ensure the U.S. has access to affordable energy vital to economic growth
  • Get government out of the way so small business can grow and create jobs
  • Limit burdensome and unnecessary regulations that make it harder for Oregonians to prosper

Better Government, Not Bigger Government

Ron believes when Oregonians’ hard-earned tax dollars are at stake, we need to make sure the federal government is transparent and efficient. In Congress, Ron will:

  • Oppose reckless spending and borrowing that is causing inflation and indebting future generations
  • Work to make sure government agencies are regularly audited so that waste, fraud and duplication is eliminated
  • Support a ban on members of Congress from becoming lobbyists to help stop special interests from driving wasteful spending

Safe Communities

As a former police officer and police chief, Ron knows one of the primary functions of government is to provide safe communities to live, work and raise a family. In Congress, Ron will:

  • Ensure dangerous criminals are put behind bars, but non-violent offenders have a second chance
  • Work to provide law enforcement agencies the federal resources and support to keep communities safe
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Quality Education

As a father of five with a 28-year career in law enforcement, Ron understands how critical education is to ensure all children can pursue their dreams. In Congress, Ron will:

  • Oppose efforts to teach divisive social curriculum pushed from the national level and encourage schools to focus on the basics students need for success in the 21st century economy
  • Reform federal student aid programs to increase access to career and technical education
  • Increase choice in education so all children – regardless of their zip code – have the opportunity to attend a school that best meets their educational needs

Secure Borders

Ron believes in orderly legal immigration and enforcing our immigration laws to stop illegal immigration. In Congress, Ron will:

  • Work to secure the border and end the humanitarian crisis that has resulted from an unsecure border
  • Fight the flow of drugs and human trafficking coming across the border and ending up in our communities
  • Ensure law enforcement and border patrol have the tools to do their job and ensure dangerous individuals aren’t turned loose into the United States

Protecting Life

Ron is a pro-life father of five, including one adopted child. In Congress, Ron will:

  • Respect the dignity of all lives and protect unborn babies
  • Support placing limits on late-term abortion
  • Ensure taxpayers are not forced to pay for abortion

Defending the Second Amendment

Ron supports the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. In Congress, Ron will oppose efforts to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms.

2021 Legislative Wins

Ron worked hard to represent our district this session, working with constituents to pass several bills to improve our community.

  • HB 3138 Extends time to file estate taxes
  • HB 3139 Requires mental health care provider who assesses minor to be at imminent and serious threat of attempting suicide to disclose relevant information to parent, guardian or other individuals to engage in safety planning
  • HB 2746 (Hope Card Bill) Directs Department of Justice to develop and implement Hope Card Program for issuance of information cards to persons who are protected by eligible restraining orders
  • HB 3140 (DUII psilocybin bill) Makes changes to statutes related to operating vehicle or boat while under influence of intoxicants that reference controlled substances to clarify applicability to psilocybin.
  • HB 3050 – Replace “accident” with crash – in Senate Rules
  • HCR 20 Honoring Fallen Trooper Courtney