When it comes to the issues important to everyday Oregonians, you'll always know where I stand. I'll stand up to partisan politics to provide strong leadership that represents our common sense values.


One of the primary functions of government is to provide a safe place for people to live, work and play. We are blessed with great communities here in Yamhill and Washington County and we need to ensure adequate, stable funding for public safety to keep our community vibrant, growing, and strong.


It is essential to promote a strong economic climate to attract and retain local business and increase job opportunities. Lowering taxes on working families, simplifying our convoluted tax structure, and ridding needless government regulation are the keys to better wages, increased entrepreneurship, and higher household incomes.

Transparent GOVERNMENT

 Government is big enough. We need to ensure Oregon's agencies are operating efficiently and are accountable for the tax dollars they spend. As Police Chief, the citizens of McMinnville entrusted our department to spend tax dollars wisely and efficiently. I have a track record of fiscal responsibility and that is why I support additional audits on government agencies, open financial disclosure, and routine performance reviews. 

A 21st Century Education System

The educational needs of a student in McMinnville can differ greatly from the educational needs of a student in Hillsboro, Bend, or Portland. We need legislators who recognize the need for more local control and stable funding to empower students, teachers and parents. I'll also fight for increased and affordable vocational and post-secondary education opportunities so all of our students have the opportunity to enter the workforce with the skills they need to succeed.